Mindfulness Workshop “elohi gadohi, Getting Back in Touch with Nature”


Mindfulness Workshop Retreat in the Beautiful Fairfield Mountains

Are you interested in a workshop that includes everything you need to inspire yourself, others, and help improve your lives in meaningful ways?  Come join us in Fairfield for a memorable experience that will connect you with Mother Earth (elohi) again.  Utilizing centuries old Cherokee ways with modern techniques, we will teach you the art of being in the present moment and leave the problems of the world behind.  The techniques learned will help you connect back with nature and to tap into helpful resources any time you wish.

Our workshop is unlike any other in that we will incorporate Native American teachings, natural surroundings, evidence-based mindfulness techniques, and animals to give you tools that will last a lifetime.  We will teach you how to promote metacognitive awareness, decrease rumination via disengagement from perseverative cognitive activities and enhance attentional capacities through gains in working memory.

June 23, 2018   10:00am-12:00pm followed by a light lunch and “what we’ve learned” discussion.

Mountain Mule Ranch, 150 Yankee Lane, Fairfield, PA 17320

http://www.dohiwellbeing.com, dohiwellbeing@gmail.com (717) 473-4980.


Cost is $75.00 per person which includes beverage, light lunch, and materials.


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