Do We Wait for Change?

Charlotte M. Test, Coaching for Well-being

Often people make the comment “A person first has to WANT to quit [change] their habits”, referring to smoking, drinking, drug use, gambling, eating unhealthy, etc.

What do you think?  Do we wait for change?  Do we wait for ourselves, our loved ones, or even our patients (depending on who in your life needs change), to announce they now WANT to change before seeking help to make those life changes?

My answer is this… No.  Often people are brought to counseling for addictions by loved ones or even by the law.  Are these people then thinking “oh now I WANT to ch


ange”?  No.  More than likely they are feeling resentment for even being asked to make a change.

So now what?  Well, that’s my job!  A good therapist will work with the individual to help them with change regardless of what the change stage may be.  The precontemplation stage…

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